Thursday, July 24, 2014

What is Golf Course Marketing?

Golf course marketing refers to the strategies that golf courses use to differentiate their services. These strategies are also aimed at growing revenues, which is essential because the golf market has stagnated over the years. Golf course marketing is more than simply advertising a particular a course to an enthusiastic target market. Bench Craft Company offers an effective solution for operators who are looking for a unique way to promote their courses. We offer marketing golf benches and tee signs that make it easy for golf courses to attract and retain golfers.

Golf courses can take advantage of custom scorecards, ball washers, and display boards offered by Bench Craft Company to market themselves. The company’s marketing strategies are designed to meet the unique needs of each golf course. One of the main advantage of using the company’s golf course marketing products and services is the fact that they are available at no charge. The marketing programs are directly funded by the company’s sales staff. The staff gets sponsors for every product. Most of the sponsors are local players and vendors. Golf courses also play an important role when it comes to identifying appropriate sponsors. The management has to approve each sponsor.

Increased Competition
Golf courses around the country are facing a lot of competition, making it necessary for them to identify new marketing strategies. This is because there has been an increase in the number of new golf courses in last few years, flattening the once budding market. These new courses have better and professional management and this has made it even more challenging for operators to attract new players and maintain their existing customers.

Know your Target Market
Golf courses have to understand their target market to get appropriate sponsors. The use of sponsors is a good alternative that eliminates some marketing costs. Golf courses are trying to reduce their costs and increase revenue. This is why it is important to identify cost effective marketing strategies.

Traditional marketing strategies are no longer effective when it comes to golf courses. This is because the market has changed. Golf is considered one of the most demanding games and it is common to see a golfer give up the game out of frustration. This sport requires commitment and patience. It is also an expensive sport and golfers now have to spend more money to play than they used to a few years ago.

With increasing family demands, there has been a decrease in the number of people who are willing to spend most of their weekends on golf courses. This makes it even more necessary for golf course operators to find opportunities that will allow them to establish relationships with their customers. The reality is that there has been a significant change in the golf market and operators have to change too. This is the only way you can beat your competition and meet dynamic customer expectations.

Golfer Profile
Golf course marketing has to consider the kind of demographic that is suitable for a particular course. Operators have to know the golfer profile to determine the most effective way to approach their target market. Golfers tend to be middle to high income individuals. These individuals have an average income of $85,900. This kind of income allows them to spend a considerable amount of time on golf courses during their free time. Most of them are homeowners and this makes it necessary to determine the kind of products and services that can attract this population.

An average golfer will have about three cars and most of them are business owners while others are decision makers in prominent organizations. These individuals are likely to approve, order, or recommend products or services at their company. A large number of golfers have a college education and some of them have post-graduate degrees. Golfers tend to be much more affluent and they spend more compared to non-golfers.

Bench Craft Company uses the golfer profile to find suitable sponsors for your tee signs, benches, and display boards. This profile will determine the kind of advertising message that will be used. The products and services that are highlighted on the ads have to be relevant for this demographic. Golf courses can decide whether the sponsors that are identified match the kind of image they want to portray to their customers. The sponsors get an opportunity to promote their products and services while the courses making it easy for golfers to meet their personal and business needs. 

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